Flik-it started in 2017 with two bored kids and some paper. On a rainy day in the summer, our ten year old son and his friend were at our house bored out of their minds and driving my wife crazy. In an effort to entertain the kids so that they wouldn't be constantly bothering my wife, Flik-it football was born. I drew up a football field on the paper with his favorite local team's logo at the 50 yard line, and gave the kids a quarter. They played for hours. Weeks later his friend was over again, this time on a sunny day and asked if they could play the football game that we made. I said sure you can but, I have a baseball and hockey version that i would like for you guys to try out. They did and they played the games for hours.

Flik-it Family Games - "for the FUN of it"

Once our college aged kids got their turn, they shared it with their friends and they turned it into a tournament style game. Clearly, a more refined version was in order. Now we are manufacturing the game in Philadelphia PA and are developing all of our game selections into interactive apps.

We offer all of our games in a customized format. Great for kids parties, corporate events and advertising. 

Flik-it is currently partnering with selected colleges to be able to have your favorite college team imprinted on the games. 

Look for Flik-it games in your college book stores and local sports retailers.

the Flik-it Story